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Choose your jurisdiction, incorporate instantly, and control your legal entities from the comfort of your wallet. OtoCo is designed for Web3!

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Why OtoCo?

Legal containers for the next billion Web3 shippers worldwide.

Instant Activation

Simply connect your wallet DeFi-style to create and manage your companies onchain. No delays, no hassle - start your Web3 venture faster with OtoCo.

Legal Validity

Use OtoCo's smart contracts to reflect legal realities and control corporate actions from your wallet. Have blockchain mirror your company's ownership and governance.

Easily extendable

Your company on OtoCo is the motherboard that can easily be extended with our plugins, from tokenizing ownership to raising capital to accessing fiat solutions.

How it works

Assemble your entity in second and control it DeFi-style.

Connect Wallet and Choose Jurisdiction

Connect your wallet, select a jurisdiction, and check name availability.

Review and Activate

Review your details and activate your company onchain within seconds.

Manage and Access Features

Manage your company and access extra features, all from within OtoCo’s dash.

Finally, blockchain-native companies of, by and for Web3

We used to have handwritten airline tickets. Now our boarding passes are a QR code. Companies too are being digitized, and OtoCo is the first to do it, leapfrogging Web2 and using blockchains as the enabling tech.
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Unified Control Panel

Access a unified dash for all your companies by simply connecting your wallet. Stay up-to-date with your entity's status, manage renewals and stay compliant without ever leaving OtoCo.

Endlessly Extendable

Add plug-ins such as fiat banking solutions, physical addresses, etc. or extend your company with smart contract solutions from a growing suite of dApps.

Legal Template Repository

Access legal templates from a growing online document repository, including bylaws, independent contractor agreements, wallet pledges, and more.

Made for Distributed Teams

OtoCo is made for dispersed teams. Anybody with a role in your organization can access its dash and participate in governance in a location-agnostic way without loss of legal integrity.

Call the Butler

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Hello, Oto

Meet Oto, your AI butler trained to assist you. From questions about where to chose a base for your company to serving up common legal templates, you can call on Oto at any time via our livechat.
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Docs and Code

For a deeper dive into OtoCo and the legal and technical engineering behind its solution, please visit our Documentation. To X-ray our open-source code, go to OtoCo's GitHub.
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